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V3 Studio Berzunza is a boutique design firm whose main focus is to bring cutting edge design solutions to our clients while generating a positive impact for the environment and community. We are intentionally a small office of individuals who strive to integrate technology, sustainable solutions and applications by thinking outside the norms to accomplish one-of-a-kind project. We address every project independently, regardless of location by utilizing the diverse resources of our staff, emphasizing the fundamental significance of the design of a place and the relationship of the place to its larger environment. We are recognized for our interfacing between natural environments and design. Through research, collaboration, and innovation V3 Studio Berzunza is looking to explore and expand the boundaries between nature and structure.

We aim to find unique solutions to the specific conditions of each project in order to maximize its intended budget, esthetics, use, context and soul.






By directly addressing the users’ needs and seeing them as potential sources of inspiration and strength, V3 Studio Berzunza seeks new directions in Design practice – evoking common identities through the exploration of uncharted geometries that address questions of space, function, technology, materials related directly to geography, climate, and local urban experiences.







Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA, Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, 2009


Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton CA, Bachelor of Business Administration, 2009




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