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Frequently Asked Questions


Do the On-site Design Inquiry Fee is Credited to Project Design Agreement:

  • YES, the On-Site Design Inquiry Fee will be credited towards the Project Design Agreement.


V3 Studio Berzunza Design Package offers a comprehensive solution to all your design needs. Our package includes:

  • 3D renderings of existing or proposed house exteriors and properties, providing you with an accurate visual representation of the design. 

  • Conceptual design in 2D and 3D with well curated 3D video

  • Revision based on your feedback

  • Contractor / Builder ready design project documents detailing out materials, dimensions, finishes, etc.

  • furniture recommendations (our furniture store coming soon)


What are Project Design Documents and what is excluded:

  • Our design documents include a plot plan, scaled drawings with dimensions, material and lighting callouts, pool elevations, and elevation drawings of proposed design elements. Engineering drawings are not included, and we advise clients to work with their contractor for those, as they are familiar with local city codes, we can always coordinate with contractors / builders. 


Do you only Work on Design Project in California? or can you Design our project not located in California?

  • Absolutely! Our landscape design services are available worldwide. We have successfully designed a variety of Projects for homeowners internationally and across the states. Regardless of your location, as long as you can participate in a video call, we can create a tailored design for your exterior space.


What if I the design is not what I was expecting or don't like. What happen if there are any issues with HOA/Local Planning Agencies for approval, Do you corrected within the design fee?

  • While it's possible that our initial concept may not fully align with your preferences, we have a process in place to address this. Typically, we include three revisions within the design fee to accommodate adjustments based on your feedback, ensuring the design meets your taste.

  • In the event that the HOA or city requests corrections to our design, rest assured that we will remain committed to working with you. We'll diligently strive to make the necessary adjustments or suggest changes that meet their requirements while still reflecting your vision and aspirations for the project. Our aim is to ensure a collaborative and successful outcome that satisfies both your preferences and any necessary regulations.

Ready to have us Design your personal Luxury Resort?

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